Donate Pet Food

Donate to Vermont Animal Rescue Shelters & Charities

These Vermont animal rescue shelters and animal charities need your help with small donations. They all have a wish list of items needed to keep their facilities running and their dogs, cats and other animals fed and cared for. These goods generally include wet and dry food, kennels, cleaning supplies, blankets, treats, toys and more. Through our “Team Up For Tails” program, we encourage you to support these Vermont-based shelters and organizations by sending them an eGift Card which they can use towards the purchase supplies they need. Just follow the instructions on the individual shelter’s page. There is no middle-man. 100% of what you buy goes directly to the animal rescue charity and gets put to use. Every little bit helps, and no donation is too small. Whether you want to buy a $10 gift card or a $100 gift card, your gift will be put to good use helping to save Vermont dogs, cats, horses and more.

Team Up For Tails!